Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Target Tip to Avoid BF Craziness!

Here's something interesting I found on Thrifty and Thriving's blog regarding Target's price adjustment policy.  This is totally worth considering if you want to avoid the craziness of Black Friday!!  Click the link above to see their matchups.

Target has a 14 day price adjustment policy, so if you see anything here that you are interested in, you can pick it up before Friday, and then go in for a price adjustment on Friday or Saturday.   Just take your receipt to the customer service counter (you don’t need to bring in the items you bought, just your receipt).   They will give you a refund for the difference in price.   I have done this for several years, and I have never had a problem.   You have to make sure you bring your receipt in when the sale prices are in effect, which will be Friday the 26th and Saturday the 27th.   The price adjustment policy will not apply to items that come with a FREE gift card.
Target Stores Price Adjustment Policy
• If Target advertises a lower price either the same week or the week following your purchase, bring in your original sales receipt to Guest Services for an adjustment.
• Exclusions:  Price adjustments are not made for clearance prices or prices.

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